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NAVTTC designated as sending organization for Pakistan-Japan Technical Intern-Training Program

NAVTTC is focusing on providing technical and vocational training to Pakistani youth in accordance with...  Read more

ED Office - 01-11-2019

New Apprenticeship Model launched to enhance public & private partnership in producing a constant stream of skilled workforce

Each year around 2.5 million people enter the local job market while majority of them...  Read more

ED Office - 01-08-2019

Turkey supports Pakistan in Technical, Vocational and Training (TVET) Sector

Highly skilled youth is the crucial aspect of enhanced industrial productivity leading to increase in...  Read more

ED Office - 12-14-2018

Executive Director NAVTTC, Dr. Nasir Khan meeting with Deputy Head of Mission from Chinese Embassy, Mr. Zhaon Li Jiang

To cater to the needs of emerging information and communication technology industry, for the first...  Read more

ED Office - 11-29-2018

Establishment of Qatar Visa Center for Facilitation of Skilled Workers Proceeding to Qatar

To facilitate and provide ease in the Visa issuance operations for Pakistani skilled workforce seeking...  Read more

ED Office - 11-13-2018

National Uniform Assessment & Certification System

A meeting of all provincial QUAIFICATION AWARDING BODIES (QABs) was held today in NAVTTC Headquarters...  Read more

ED Office - 11-08-2018

Executive Director NAVTTC, Dr. Nasir Khan meeting with Chairman Prime Minister Youth Program, Usman Dar

Executive Director NAVTTC, Dr. Nasir Khan meeting with Chairman Prime Minister Youth Program, Usman Dar...  Read more

ED Office - 11-01-2018

Executive Director NAVTTC, Dr. Nasir Khan meeting with Federal Minister For Education, Mr. Shafqat Mahmood

Education and Skill Development is the top priority of the present government; Pakistan's future lies...  Read more

ED Office - 10-30-2018

NAVTTC Launches Pakistan’s first-ever National Skills Forum in collaboration with FPCCI

National Vocational & Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) in collaboration with Federation of Pakistani Chambers of...  Read more

ED Office - 10-01-2018

Establishment of PM-CJ Fund For Diamer Basha & Mohmand Dam

The Prime Minister has been pleased to call for public donations for PM-CJ Fund for...  Read more

ED Office - 09-11-2018

Sector Skill Councils launched to promote employment of skilled youth

Leading trade and business associations within hospitality and construction sector and National Vocational and Technical...  Read more

ED Office - 02-22-2018

NAVTTC’s development partners meeting held today, attended by ambassadors of 6 countries

Foreign Development Partners assured their full co-operation for improvement of Pakistan TVET sector in a...  Read more

ED Office - 02-21-2018

Pakistan becomes member of World Skills

Pakistan becomes a member of world community in the field of technical and vocational education...  Read more

ED Office - 15-10-2017

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National Uniform Assessment & Certification System

Thursday, November 08, 2018: A meeting of all provincial QUAIFICATION AWARDING BODIES (QABs) was held today in NAVTTC Headquarters which was attended by the participants of the Board of Technical Education (Punjab, Sindh, KPK), Trade Testing Board (Sindh, Punjab, KPK, AKJ) and Punjab Vocational Training Council. Addressing to the participants of the meeting the Executive Director, NAVTTC Dr. Nasir Khan stated that NAVTTC is thriving continuously to bring improvement in the standards of certification so that identification and acceptance of our certificate may be amplified on national and international levels.In order to achieve this all the testing boards will have to work collectively so that a unified certification system may be kept in place, through which not only the original and fake certificates could be identified but the trust of our youth on this system may be strengthened as well. In the meeting the vital responsibility of the concerned boards was also discussed that they must identify and halt the fake certificates issuing and unregistered institutes so that the standard of the training may not be compromised at any cost. Dr. Nasir Khan further added that the ones obtaining certificate thorough this unfair channel not only create problems for genuine certified work force internationally but are also responsible for presenting the country’s bad image to the world. It was decided unanimously in the meeting that a unified certificate regime will be ensured in the country through which courses prepared under National Vocational Qualification Framework (NVQF) shall be enforced in all the vocational training institutes countrywide. Furthermore to develop awareness of this system, awareness seminars will be organized country wide and the participation of the concerned stakeholders from all provinces will be ensured. Primary agenda of the meeting included “standardized suitable fee for the assessors, issuance of certificates under the National Qualification Frame work (NVQF), improvement in monitoring system, escalation of assessment standards of NVQF, increase in the technical efficiency and capacity of QABs, maintain data on NVQF Registry, making the NVQF National Support Unit active, and accreditation of institutes in all provinces”.