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NAVTTC designated as sending organization for Pakistan-Japan Technical Intern-Training Program

NAVTTC is focusing on providing technical and vocational training to Pakistani youth in accordance with...  Read more

ED Office - 01-11-2019

New Apprenticeship Model launched to enhance public & private partnership in producing a constant stream of skilled workforce

Each year around 2.5 million people enter the local job market while majority of them...  Read more

ED Office - 01-08-2019

Turkey supports Pakistan in Technical, Vocational and Training (TVET) Sector

Highly skilled youth is the crucial aspect of enhanced industrial productivity leading to increase in...  Read more

ED Office - 12-14-2018

Executive Director NAVTTC, Dr. Nasir Khan meeting with Deputy Head of Mission from Chinese Embassy, Mr. Zhaon Li Jiang

To cater to the needs of emerging information and communication technology industry, for the first...  Read more

ED Office - 11-29-2018

Establishment of Qatar Visa Center for Facilitation of Skilled Workers Proceeding to Qatar

To facilitate and provide ease in the Visa issuance operations for Pakistani skilled workforce seeking...  Read more

ED Office - 11-13-2018

National Uniform Assessment & Certification System

A meeting of all provincial QUAIFICATION AWARDING BODIES (QABs) was held today in NAVTTC Headquarters...  Read more

ED Office - 11-08-2018

Executive Director NAVTTC, Dr. Nasir Khan meeting with Chairman Prime Minister Youth Program, Usman Dar

Executive Director NAVTTC, Dr. Nasir Khan meeting with Chairman Prime Minister Youth Program, Usman Dar...  Read more

ED Office - 11-01-2018

Executive Director NAVTTC, Dr. Nasir Khan meeting with Federal Minister For Education, Mr. Shafqat Mahmood

Education and Skill Development is the top priority of the present government; Pakistan's future lies...  Read more

ED Office - 10-30-2018

NAVTTC Launches Pakistan’s first-ever National Skills Forum in collaboration with FPCCI

National Vocational & Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) in collaboration with Federation of Pakistani Chambers of...  Read more

ED Office - 10-01-2018

Establishment of PM-CJ Fund For Diamer Basha & Mohmand Dam

The Prime Minister has been pleased to call for public donations for PM-CJ Fund for...  Read more

ED Office - 09-11-2018

Sector Skill Councils launched to promote employment of skilled youth

Leading trade and business associations within hospitality and construction sector and National Vocational and Technical...  Read more

ED Office - 02-22-2018

NAVTTC’s development partners meeting held today, attended by ambassadors of 6 countries

Foreign Development Partners assured their full co-operation for improvement of Pakistan TVET sector in a...  Read more

ED Office - 02-21-2018

Pakistan becomes member of World Skills

Pakistan becomes a member of world community in the field of technical and vocational education...  Read more

ED Office - 15-10-2017

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NAVTTC Launches Pakistan’s first-ever National Skills Forum in collaboration with FPCCI

Monday, October 01, 2018: National Vocational & Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) in collaboration with Federation of Pakistani Chambers of Commerce &Industry (FPCCI) launched the first-ever National Skills Forum (NSF) today as a platform to promote strategic partnerships between the industry, private and public sector organizations delivering technical education and vocational training across the country. Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training, Mr. Shafqat Mehmood said, ‘Increased collaboration between public and private sector will drive thepromotion of technical skills in the country and I hope National Skills Forum becomes a platform from where lots of new ideas for skill development will be put forward.” He congratulated the Executive Director NAVTTC for bringing all the key stakeholders together at one platform and termed it important for TVET sector development of the country. Present government is committed to alleviate poverty and generate huge employment opportunities for our youth and for this purpose we are focusing on four important objectives, he said. Our top priority is to enroll around 22 million out-of-the-school children in primary schools. He expressed concern that there are various systems of education prevalent in the country and a huge disparity between public and private institutes’ syllabus and curriculum. We have to be focused to develop some sort of single national certification and curriculum system for creating a level playing field for our children so that they are able to compete on same standards and platforms, he said. We are seriously working on improving the quality of education, he said. We are also focused on skill development and we will make sure that our youth acquire marketable skills so that they can enter the job market any where in the world and for that strong support from industry is need of the hour, he added. He also emphasized on educating and empowering women for a better Pakistan. Executive Director, NAVTTC Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmed Cheema said that the industry has a strong role toplay in the policy formulation for skill development and bringing a paradigm shift in the delivery oftechnical and vocational education and training (TVET) in the country. While explaining the major aims of NSF, he said “The National Skills Forum is established to address the disconnect between stakeholders from public and private sector active in technical and vocational education and training (TVET)through advocacy and awareness, provide strategic guidance regarding the implementation of the TVET programmes, discuss broad strategic and policy issues, oversee the progress on TVET sector reform in Pakistan”.“TVET sector has the potential to change the destiny of our nation and I do not have any doubt if this sector becomes the top priority of our government, industry, media and key stakeholders then Pakistan will emerge as one of the biggest economies in the world”, he stressed. Ambassadors of Norway Mr. Kjell-Gunar Ericsson, ambassador of Federal Republic of Germany Mr.Martin Kobler and ambassador of European Union in Pakistan Mr Jean FrancoisCautian appreciated the initiative and called it a milestone achieved for the partnership amongpublic-private sector for promotion of TVET. They expressed hope that the present government will allot special funds for skill development and start new projects for the uplift of TVET sector of the country. They urged to improve the quality of the training so that our trained skilled workers could easily secure jobs in various CPEC projects. President of FPCCI, Mr. GhazanfarBilour, congratulated NAVTTC for establishing a national apex forum for promotion of public private partnership and envisioned hopes for the achievement of the objectives laid down at this platform. National SkillsForum is intended to reflect the full range of interdependencies to foster cooperation, emphasizeon the effective use of resources, and highlight the need of coordination in planning, to pursuethe objectives of the National TVET Policy. The NSF aims to increase the collaboration between the Federation of Pakistani Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) and National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) to bring both the government and the industry at one platform for offering employable skills to the youth according to the needs of the industry.