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Training Programs / Projects / Achievements

In addition to regulatory & policy making functions, NAVTTC has been entrusted by Federal Government, to start major national level training programs for promoting TVET sector in Pakistan. The main highlights of these programs are as under:

Prime Minister’s Hunarmand Program

The present Government announced in Budget Speech 2013 to impart technical / skilled training in various demand driven trades nationwide. Expenditure on training and stipend will be borne by Government. Spade work for the implementation of the training program in collaboration with Provincial TEVTAs and Private Institutes is completed.
  • Training to 25,000 Youth (age of 35 years, having minimum Middle level)
  • Training in 100 Demand Driven Trades
  • Duration of training is 6 months including one month on job training
  • Monthly Stipend Rs.2,000/- and Rs. 3,000/- (trainees from FATA)
  • Registration of candidates through Web Portal with help of EGD-Directorate M/O IT

Skills Training under Social Corporate Responsibility

  • Trained 220 Youth (140 Male, 80 Female) with the support of PTC
  • 8 Demand Driven Trades in 5 reputable institutes of Nowshera

Training for Polio Victims (UNESCO Sponsored)

As per its mandate, NAVTTC initiated a Short-Term Skill Development Program for rehabilitation of Polio Victims (Disabled) with the support of UNESCO (bilateral donor program). Main highlights of the program are as under:
  • Trained 140 Polio Victims
  • 4 Demand Driven Trades in reputable institutes of KPK & FATA

President’s Fanni Maharat Program

  • Established 130 Vocational Training Centers (VTCs) in 79 Uncovered Tehsils
  • Trained 47,765 Youth in these VTCs by providing all training equipment / facilities
  • Paid Free Training alongwith Stipend of Rs.2,000/- per month & free toolkits

Prime Minister’s Hunarmand Program

  • Short Term Skill Development Training
  • Free Training with Rs.2000/- stipend
  • Demand Driven Trades / Programs in reputable Public & Private TVET Instittes
  • Special focus on marginalized segments, earthquake affected and less developed areas