Minister of State
Education, Training & Standards in Higher Education

Engr. M. Baligh ur Rehman

It pleases me that NAVTTC in collaboration with public & private stakeholders & donors is promoting TVET Sector..

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Executive Director, NAVTTC

Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema

Pakistan is presently experiencing a demographic change characterized by growing number of youth. This trend is ..

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PM's Youth Skill Dev Program

National Skills Information System

National Vocational Qualifications Framework

News & Updates

Greater Employability of Skilled Youth

In order to ensure the greater employability of Skilled Youth, Mr. Zulfiqar A. Cheema took an initiative to engage Leading...  Read more

P&D Wing - 27-04-2016

City & Guilds Delegate visit to NAVTTC

In order to promote the credibility of TVET sector, Mr. Zulfiqar A. Cheema highlighted the importance of International TVET Partners...  Read more

P&D Wing - 27-04-2016

Launch of Prime Minister's Youth Skill Development Program

Mr. Zulfiqar A. Cheema, Executive Director NAVTTC during the meeting MNAs / focal persons of PMYSDP highlighted various initiatves being...  Read more

P&D Wing - 27-04-2016

PM Youth Skill Development Program Phase-III Launched

Admission are open in Prime Minister's Youth Skill Development Program Phase-III. Apply in any NAVTTC partner institutes as given in...  Read more

P&D Wing - 17-04-2016

Donors Coordination Meeting

Mr. Zulfiqar A. Cheema, Executive Director NAVTTC during the Donors Coordination meeting on TVET sectors highlighted the initiatives being taken...  Read more

DG Admin - 11-04-2016

Enhancing greater employability of Skilled Youth

In order to enhance the greater employment opportunity, Mr. Zulfiqar A. Cheema Executive Director, NAVTTC held a meeting with reknowned...  Read more

NSIS Section - 07-04-2016

Certificate Award Ceremony - National Skill Expo, Lahore

Engr. Baleg Ur Rehman, Minister of State for Federal Education and Mr. Zulfiqar A. Cheema presenting certificates to the Skill...  Read more

NSIS Section - 30-03-2016

Reforming Apprenticeship System in Pakistan

During a national conference on importance and challenges of Apprenticeship System in Pakistan, Mr. Zulfiqar A. Cheema expressed his views...  Read more

NSIS Section - 30-03-2016

Promoting Skills - National Skills Competition

In a National Job Fair & Skill Expo organized by NAVTTC on 29-30 March, 2016 at Lahore, The Executive Director...  Read more

NSIS Section - 30-03-2016

ED NAVTTC meets Belarus Delegate

A delegation of Belarus TVET Officials meets Executive Director, NAVTTC Mr. Zulfiqar A. Cheema. The delegation showed their interest for...  Read more

NSIS Section - 31-03-2016

NAVTTC Job Fair & Skill Expo, Lahore

In continuation of the promoting Skilling Pakistan initiative, Skill Expo & Job Fair is being organized in Lahore Expo Center...  Read more

NSIS Section - 12-03-2016

NAVTTC Job Fair & Skill Expo, Karachi

In order to promoting and image building of TVET Sector, NAVTTC organized a job fair and skill expo in Karachi...  Read more

NSIS Section - 02-03-2016

Minister for Federal Education inaugurats NAVTTC Job Placement Center

On Wednesday 24th Feb, 2016: As a new initiative under the Supervision of Mr. Zulfiqar A. Cheema regarding provision of...  Read more

NSIS Section - 24-02-2016

Assian Development Bank Delegate visits NAVTTC HQs

A Delegate from Asian Development Bank visited NAVTTC HQs, regarding TVET Sector Challenges and Reforms needed in Pakistan. Mr. Zulfiqar...  Read more

Media Section - 24-02-2016

Executive Director, NAVTTC meets President of Pakistan

Mr. Zulfiqar A. Cheema, Executive Director, NAVTTC in a meeting with honorable President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mr. Mamnon...  Read more

Media Section - 15-02-2016

Sector Skill Counsel - Agriculture Sector

First Time in Pakistan, NAVTTC is establishing Sector Skill Councils for major sectors of Economy as a joint responsibility of...  Read more

Media Section - 17-02-2016

NAVTTC Skill Competition - Gujranwala

NAVTTC Zonal Skill Competition Gujranwala...  Read more

RD Lahore - 18-02-2016

NAVTTC Skill Competition - Faisalabad

NAVTTC Zonal Skill Competition Faisalabad...  Read more

RD Lahore - 09-02-2016

NAVTTC Skill Competition - Sukkur

NAVTTC Zonal Skill Competition Sukkur...  Read more

RD Karachi - 08-02-2016

NAVTTC Skill Competition - Bahawalpur

NAVTTC Zonal Skill Competition Bahawalpur...  Read more

RD Lahore - 04-02-2016

NAVTTC Skill Competition - Bannu

NAVTTC Zonal Skill Competition Bannu...  Read more

RD Peshawar - 02-02-2016

NAVTTC Skill Competition - Hyderabad

NAVTTC Zonal Skill Competition Hyderabad...  Read more

RD Karachi - 02-02-2016

NAVTTC Skill Competition - Makran

NAVTTC Zonal Skill Competition Makran...  Read more

RD Quetta - 01-02-2016

NAVTTC Skill Competition - Khuzdar

NAVTTC Zonal Skill Competition Khuzdar...  Read more

RD Quetta - 01-02-2016

NAVTTC Skill Competition - Quetta

NAVTTC Zonal Skill Competition Quetta...  Read more

RD Quetta - 01-02-2016

NAVTTC Skill Competition - Peshawar

NAVTTC Zonal Skill Competition Peshawar...  Read more

RD Peshawar - 01-02-2016

NAVTTC Skill Competition - Multan

NAVTTC Zonal Skill Competition Multan...  Read more

RD Lahore - 01-02-2016

NAVTTC Skill Competition - Hazara

NAVTTC Zonal Skill Competition Hazara...  Read more

RD Peshawar - 30-02-2016

NAVTTC Skill Competition - Sarghoda

NAVTTC Zonal Skill Competition Sarghoda...  Read more

RD Lahore - 29-01-2016

NAVTTC Skill Competition - AJK

NAVTTC Zonal Skill Competition Azad Jammu Kashmir...  Read more

RD Islamabad - 27-01-2016

NAVTTC Skill Competition - Karachi

NAVTTC Zonal Skill Competition Karachi...  Read more

RD Karachi - 27-01-2016

NAVTTC Skill Competition - Malakand

NAVTTC Zonal Skill Competition held, Malakand...  Read more

RD Peshawar - 26-01-2016

NAVTTC Skill Competition - Islamabad

NAVTTC Zonal Skill Competition held at National Training Bureau, Islamabad...  Read more

RD Islamabad - 25-01-2016

NAVTTC Skill Competition - Lahore

NAVTTC Zonal Skill Competition held at Lahore...  Read more

RD Lahore - 25-01-2016

NAVTTC Skill Competition - Karachi

NAVTTC Zonal Skill Competition held at Memon Industrial Technical Institute, Karachi. The event was organized by NAVTTC as one the...  Read more

RD Karachi - 27-01-2016

Vocational, technical training can prevent jobless youth fall into terrorists' hands

ISLAMABAD Jan 25: The best way to prevent frustrated and jobless youth falling prey into hands of terrorists is...  Read more

A&F Wing - 25-01-2016

NAVTTC Skill Competition, 2016

NAVTTC is organizing Zonal, Provincial and National Skills Competition and Job Fairs following by Skill Expo. Initiatilly the Zonal Competitions...  Read more

A&F Wing - 25-01-2016

NAVTTC Board of Management 14th meeting held

NAVTTC 14th BoM meeting held on 13th Jan, 2016. During the session, Mr. Zulfiqar A. Cheema, Executive Director, NAVTTC apprised...  Read more

A&F Wing - 13-01-2016

Facilitating Skilled Workers in Overseas Employment

Islamabad: A meeting between NAVTTC and Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association (POEPA) was held today under the chairmanship of Zulfiqar...  Read more

A&F Wing - 8-01-2016

TVET Reform Support Program Steering Committee meets

A meeting of 6th Programme Steering Committee for the Technical & Vocational Education and Training Reform Support Programme (TRSP) was...  Read more

A&F Wing - 9-12-2015

NAVTTC Signs MoU with City & Guilds

An MoU signing ceremony between NAVTTC, City & Guilds (UK), and Skills International (Sri Lanka) was held today at NAVTTC...  Read more

A&F Wing - 8-12-2015

NAVTTC Skill Competition, 2016

In order to promote healty and competitive environment, showcasing NAVTTC Trainees, provide common platform to trainees and employers, to improve quality of training... >> Read More